Safe and ergenomical working conditions with the Pro Arm system

Working safely and ergonomically is an important agenda item within the graphic industry. Employers are obliged to create optimum working conditions for their employees. DG press thinks along with our customers and has designed the Pro Arm system that guarantees ergonomic and safe working conditions for the operators. With the Pro Arm system, the manually lifting of the sleeves is reduced to a zero lifting and efficient change of the print formats is ensured.

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Pro Arm - sleeve exchange

Acceptance test GPW successful

This week the factory acceptance test for the Vision web offset press for the Government Printing Works (GPW) from Pretoria, South Africa took place at our production hall. Miss Moyo and Mr. Ngubane from GPW tested the machine thoroughly and our Vision machine has passed the test without any problems!

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DG press prepares to deliver a new high tech web offset press to the GPW in South Africa

This new Vision web offset press will enable the GPW to increase their production capacity and improve its service to customers significantly, whilst offering new levels of productivity and efficiency to a fast-growing and expanding print operation at the GPW’s newly completed production facility in Pretoria.

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Vision GPW South Africa

Impression Open House -Vision

On September 4 and 5 the Open House for the latest Vision web offset press took place. DG press looks back at two succesful days.

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